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Featured Tours - Oberammergau

Come with us to experience the world’s most famous Passion Play – see the incredible story of the last weeks of Jesus’ life, his death and resurrection performed in Oberammergau in 2022.

This is a rare opportunity as the Oberammergau Passion Play is only staged every ten years; thrill to the unforgettable spectacle of a large stage filled with dramatic group scenes, interspersed with music and the glorious singing of a large choir. Making the production even more unique is the fact that it is the world’s largest amateur dramatic performance since all the 2000 plus participants – actors, musicians, stage technicians etc – must be residents of the village.

This Passion Play has a long history, one borne from the suffering and death that villagers endured during the Thirty Years War. In 1633 the inhabitants in the small Bavarian community of Oberammergau entreated God to save them from the bubonic plague that was ravaging the region. They vowed that if God answered their prayers they would produce a play about the life and death of Jesus every ten years.

At Pentecost 1634 they fulfilled their oath and the tradition has been preserved throughout the centuries with 2022 being the 42nd time the Oberammergau Passion will be staged.

Oberammergau and Beautiful Bavaria 2022

Monday 4 July, 2022

11 Days

Experience the incredible Oberammergau Passion Play and the beauty of Southern Germany – medieval towns, alpine scenery as well as Oberammergau’s muralled buildings and skilled woodcarvers.

Music, Passion & Reformation – Oberammergau 2022

Monday 4 July, 2022

21 Days

Please call our office on 1300 635 358 to book this tour.

Oberammergau – A Christian Pilgrimage 2022

Friday 9 September, 2022

32 Days

Combine Oberammergau with travelling to the very places that Biblical prophets and Apostles lived and preached, exploring Jordan and Israel and following in the steps of St Paul in Greece and Turkey

Passion Play & Land of the Bible – Oberammergau 2022

Friday 9 September, 2022

23 Days

Enjoy your own personal spiritual journey when you travel with CFT to explore Jordan and Israel, the Land of the Bible, before reliving the Passion of Christ at Oberammergau.

Oberammergau & Steps of Paul Holiday 2022

Tuesday 20 September, 2022

21 Days

Enjoy your own special spiritual journey when you travel with CFT to relive the Passion of Christ at Oberammergau before following in the footsteps of St Paul’s remarkable journey.

Oberammergau and Baroque Cities 2022

Tuesday 20 September, 2022

12 Days

Experience the incredible Oberammergau Passion Play whilst taking in the beauty of three of Europe’s great cities — Munich, Salzburg and Vienna. The Baroque grandeur of these cities proclaims the extraordinary wealth and power that the nobility and church once possessed.