The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Putting Christ at the Centre of life’s Big Picture


What a puzzling year 2020 has been so far – figuratively and literally!! We had a new decade, one that offered such promise, get knocked off course by COVID-19 and in response to that, puzzles have been flying off the shelves. Have you joined the puzzle craze? My family are mad about them and with none available to buy have been swapping with friends so they can get their “fix”. I was intrigued that one of these borrowed puzzles offered unique “Softclick Technology” and it was all to do with the puzzle pieces connecting quickly and easily, guaranteeing both quality and fun. The blurb went on to say – “Behind this premium quality are decades of experience … and a vision that drives us to meet our own standards and the demands of our fans each and every time.” 

Connection. Experience. Vision. Quality. That could be describing CFT!!

My family’s puzzle method is to always to find the corners first, after all they are the vital pieces that lock in the whole picture. In my life and family business that cornerstone is faith in God. Everything we do at CFT is Christ centred and this lockdown has made me even more committed to life’s big picture and keeping Christ at the centre of it. 

Whilst all of our CFT holidays have faith elements, we are now adding extra itineraries to our Bible-based Faith Journeys and our website update will make finding them easier by offering a special section for these holidays. Click on the Faith Journeys link to find our ever popular Land of the Bible (Israel and Jordan) and Steps of Paul. You will also be able to explore our new itinerary of Egypt, Jordan & Israel (or shorter tours Egypt & Jordan / Jordan & Israel) as well as a female focused Women of the Bible tour – you will find that reading a favourite part of the Bible, in the very place where it was lived, is an experience that will stay in your heart and soul forever.

After long months of Social Distancing it is time to start planning to make those quality connections again – if travel is the piece of life’s puzzle you have been missing, then CFT can help with lots of holidays planned for 2021 and beyond. Together we seek connection with God and connection with each other through daily devotions, Sunday worship and fellowship, making each holiday a truly memorable travel experience. Come and join Christians of all denominations from across Australia, all brought together with a common interest and a common purpose – to share the love of Christ.

Jason Cronshaw

CFT Managing Director