Our Christian Tour Leaders

Our Christian Tour Leaders are all true “people lovers”

As well as sharing their love of Jesus, our diverse bunch of Christian Tour Leaders are committed to the total care of their passengers.
CFT leaders are there to help and organise, to anticipate the needs of the individual, as well as the group, so that everyone can enjoy a relaxed holiday.
Our leaders delight in the fun and fellowship that is created when like-minded people connect through the travel experience.

John & Nancie Cronshaw

“It is difficult to put into words what motivates me to lead the CFT tours, for words cannot convey the love and care that is shared by everyone in what I refer to as an “aluminium tube of love”, whether that is a coach or a plane. Our people come from all churches and from all over the country, from different pathways of life and have grown through different circumstances. It is beautiful to see how people become linked through sharing the travel experience, but one that is enriched by the Christian sharing. If you have travelled with CFT, you understand. If you haven’t travelled with us, I invite you to join one of our special tours.”  – John Cronshaw

John Cronshaw’s interest in touring began when he was a Secondary School Science Teacher and planned several coach excursions for his students which resulted in a full-time business offering tours to many schools in the area in 1974. John is the founding director of the group of companies that operates Christian Fellowship Tours. For more than forty years, he could be found behind the wheel of a coach on one of the many Fantastic Aussie Tours that he personally planned and lead.

The acquisition of Christian Fellowship Tours in 2008 meant tours could now be offered internationally as well as around Australia and John’s lifelong passion, and his ministry is fulfilled in the professional organisation and operation of these tours. John’s great love is the preparation of devotions that he shares whilst on tour which resulted in him producing the CD, “Moving Devotions with Buspa”. John has written a companion book to this CD; also called “Moving Devotions with Buspa” it is a series of devotions adapted from those he has used on tour.

John has written several other books including “Coached by God”, “The Successful Christian” and “What is Your Plan B?”, publications that are aimed at helping you understand the relevance of the Bible to everyday life. John’s very popular “Land of the Bible” book is a handy reference guide for visitors to Israel and Jordan. This guidebook brings together historical and geographic information, some brief vignettes of sites likely to be visited and relevant Bible readings that are suitable to be read in the appropriate site. A copy of this book is given to every CFT passenger touring this region.

John is married to Nancie with whom he shares leadership of the tours.

Inspired by her mother, a Geography teacher, Nancie grew up with a love of travel and an interest in other countries and cultures. Nancie loves to share her interest in travel with other people by travelling as a Tour Hostess with Christian Fellowship Tours to places both new and familiar. She enjoys mixing and mingling with people, sharing lots of laughter and experiencing the joys of travel with them.

The world is a fascinating place and touring with other Christians is a joy in itself.” – Nancie Cronshaw

Some of the feedback from travellers on tour with John & Nancie:

“An experienced, knowledgeable leader, John knows people and cares for each one. Nothing too much trouble, anticipating needs. Always “on duty/call” endless patience, generous. John makes tours easy and enjoyable, informative and worthwhile.”

“John and Nancie were excellent, always concerned and caring but also fun loving. Couldn’t fault them!”

“Lovely to meet John and Nancie again – they add another dimension of friendship to travel.”

“John and Nancie were excellent. We were pleased to meet Nancie for the first time – she is a real asset and a good assistant to John.”

Kerry & Julie Medway

“ Travelling with CFT means we have seen sites we never dreamed we would see. One of my most memorable moments was standing in a synagogue ruin most likely where Paul preached at Pisidion Antioch in Galatia (Turkey) & reading from Acts 13….oooh… gave me goosebumps!!! We have met many wonderful people on tour whom we have got to know & love; we are looking forward to more fantastic adventures with CFT & meeting many, many more wonderful CFT travellers.” – Kerry & Julie Medway

Together Kerry and Julie Medway have led various Christian Fellowship Tours including Danube & Rhine River cruise, Steps of Paul Cruise, New Zealand, Tasmania and the BCA North West Australia tour travelling from Darwin to Perth.  When they aren’t travelling they keep busy with God’s work and enjoying their family of three married daughters & three gorgeous granddaughters.

Kerry & Julie first met John Cronshaw in the 1980s when he led BCA tours that worshipped in the Catacomb Church at Coober Pedy – an encouraging and inspiring experience for both parties that led to a long standing friendship.

Kerry Medway trained for the ministry at Moore Theological College in Sydney & served in the Anglican Church for 22 years in Moree, Tingha & Port Macquarie in NSW as well as Coober Pedy in SA (with the Bush Church Aid Society). He has written several books; his most popular book, “Bush Preacher Bites the Dust”, features stories about his adventures in Coober Pedy where he saw hundreds of Aussie men come to Christ. Kerry’s latest two books on bushrangers – “Teenage Bushranger” & “Is Ned Kelly in Heaven?” – have 3700 copies in prison libraries across Australia and New Zealandare. These books have seen many broken/wounded men finding their ‘peace with God with one former Long Bay inmate saying “ ‘Teenage Bushranger’ changed me life!”.  

Julie Medway has been actively involved in ministry with Kerry, helping plant the independent Grace Church in Port Macquarie. Today Kerry & Julie are retired yet they continue to serve God & enjoy travelling with CFT and leading both domestic and international tours.

Some of the feedback from travellers on tour with Kerry & Julie:

“Kerry gives excellent and meaningful devotions, he is a great story-teller and always into a biblical truth.”

“An outstanding leader in every way – always had the interest of the passengers his first duty. Kept us all happy and nothing seemed too much for him (wish I had half of his energy).”

“We loved the devotions, and the way in which both Kerry and Julie cared for our needs so well.”

Jane Braham

I am thrilled to have been asked to join CFT as a Christian Tour Leader after a fantastic trip travelling with John Cronshaw to the Land of the Bible and the Oberammergau Passion Play. I found that my time spent in the Holy Land really reinforced my faith in Jesus Christ; every day I am able to talk to my family and friends about my experience of being in the actual locations where the Bible stories happened. Travelling with like-minded people who genuinely cared for one another just made this experience even more special.

I am an active member of the Beaumaris Mordialloc Baptist Church in the bayside suburb of Melbourne and have held several church leadership roles.  After working for the Australian Public Service for 33 years I retired in July 2018 and volunteered as a board member of the not for profit organisation Baptist Camping Victoria (BCV). BCV operates four campsites across Victoria for ministry and youth camps and I find that our camps are a wonderful way to introduce people to the love of Jesus, to build a range of new skills and to help strengthen resilience and mental well-being. 

Besides the church my interests are my family (husband Frank and our 2 grown-up children), the outdoors and bushwalking. I am an active member of the Bayside Bushwalking Club and in 2022 I completed a 9-day walk of the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory. CFT Tour Leading seems a match made in heaven for me and I can’t wait to share my love of travel, nature and the outdoors with like-minded people who are all committed to Jesus.

Greg & Daylle Mallin

Our favourite thing about travel is meeting and experiencing new people from different cultures, and marvelling at the beauty and diversity of God’s Creation.”– Greg & Daylle Mallin

Greg Mallin enjoyed a career in major infrastructure engineering before retiring in 2012, freeing him up to follow his passion for travel. After a stint working in Vietnam, Greg was asked to organise a tour for CFT to Vietnam and Cambodia and this tour led to other opportunities to host tours for CFT including a BCA tour to North West Australia and a tour to Canada and Alaska. In recent years Greg and Daylle have travelled widely – Greg himself has travelled to over 40 countries for business and pleasure (he is keen to add many more countries to this list and to have Daylle join him).

Daylle Mallin is trained in pediatric nursing and midwifery which proved great preparation for her role as mother to four children. After the children finished school, Daylle returned to nursing working in Aged Care for 15 years before retiring in 2016. Like Greg she loves to travel and explore different lands.

Together Daylle and Greg spend their time between Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, and sitting by the river in Port Macquarie. Family is important, and one of their great delights is spending time with their eight grandchildren. In addition, Greg & Daylle are actively involved in ministry at Blackheath Baptist Church and with the Disaster Response team at Samaritan’s Purse, serving both domestically and overseas.

Some of the feedback from travellers on tour with Greg & Daylle:

“Greg & Daylle did such an excellent job leading us and keeping us informed along the way. Also taking good care of us all and in particular those whose needs were more than most. Nothing was too much trouble. “

“Daylle was a great nurse and very caring. A joy to have her and Greg as leaders.”

“Greg and Daylle were always “one notch ahead”, and had everybody’s need anticipated in advance.”

Stephen and Erika Hodge

“The CFT vision of providing like-minded people with the opportunity to connect with one-another and experience God’s amazing creation throughout Australia and the world, really excites us. We have travelled extensively and I think we enjoy it so much because it constantly challenges us as we adapt to and explore new surroundings. We have learnt so much through engaging with different people of various cultures both near and far. It’s provided us with the best stories and memories and countless irreplaceable lessons that we can pay forward to others. Travel has broadened our horizons on so many levels and without fail, encouraged us to focus on what really matters in life – our relationship with Jesus, with others and the world around us. We are so excited to be part of the CFT family.” Stephen and Erika Hodge

Steve and Erika have been married for 45 years and live in the Blue Mountains of NSW. They are active long term members of Blackheath Baptist Church and been involved in pastoral care, youth ministry and home Bible study groups.

Steve worked for several years as a paramedic, rescue officer, WH&S officer and in pastoral ministry. Having recently retired, Steve is now a volunteer chaplain with the NSW Ambulance Service and loves cycling, walking and kayaking. Erika worked as a Bursar and Administration Officer at a Christian School for 30 years. She enjoys snuggles with grandchildren, endless conversations with friends and family, cycling and reading. Steve and Erika both volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand Disaster Relief and have spent time in recent years responding to fire and flood disasters in NSW. Having been inspired at a recent Disaster Relief Conference in Canada, they are now undertaking further training so they can respond to disasters on an international level.

With four married children and fourteen grandchildren, they love all things family! For them, nothing brings them more joy than being able to meet new people, foster new friendships and love on others.