Traveller Stories

Our travellers love the experiences they have on a CFT holiday.

We regularly get great feedback such as these comments from a few of our travellers last year:

“Thank you CFT once again for a great trip and many friendships formed!”

“Wonderful value for money and so hassle free.”

“I could just enjoy each day and know it was all taken care of.”

“The little extras were very much appreciated.”

Want to get behind the scenes on a tour?  Read one of our traveller tales below.

Reflections on connections – it’s the people I’ve met that makes travelling memorable I’ve been blessed to travel with CFT a number of times over the last 17 years. While the places I’ve been able to visit, have been beautiful, fascinating, culturally different, educational or just plain fun – it’s the people I’ve shared those trips with that make the experiences memorable. Read more
God’s Refreshment On A Difficult Day It was a beautiful morning. We were up early to set off on another excursion from the ship, as the sun was rising over the rugged landscape. But I was only seeing the others off on their visit to Careening Bay. Read more
A CFT Journey of Discovery Years ago, I had a wish list of places in Australia I would like to see, which included Western Australia and through the Centre. It became a possibility, then a reality to visit WA. I saw an advertisement in the BCA magazine for such a trip and so I applied. I had the means, the time and the health, so why not? Read more
28 days, 7 cruises, over 7000km. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Where do you go in Australia to see spectacular gorges (they beat the Rhine and Danube Gorges hands down), red cliffs contrasting with aqua blue waters, beehive sandstone formations, some of the highest tidal ranges in the world, crocodiles, wallaroos, eagles, waterfalls, unexpected gorges in seemingly flat country, red sand dunes, wildflowers and more wildflowers? Read more
North West Wanderings – a personal BCA journey For 28 days in July/August 2016 I was part of a Christian Fellowship Tour of the North West of Australia, starting in Darwin and ending in Perth.  There were 33 in our group in the Fantastic Aussie Tour coach Kimberley that took us to so many remarkable places. Read more
An Aegean Cruise with a difference! In April I headed down to Perth, a drive of nearly 5 hours, to board a flight bound for Dubai. It was the first leg of a new adventure, an experience I was very much looking forward to – a cruise around the Greek isles and the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. Read more
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