What are People Saying About CFT?

Here are some of the reasons people love travelling with CFT… and keep coming back!

“I always enjoy the bond we have on a Christian based tour. The drivers and tour leaders are always helpful especially for those who have physical or other issues or who travel alone.”

“Likeminded people no matter the age. All caring, supportive, and loving.”

“The Sunday worship times were special – something I have missed when travelling with other tour companies.”

“Wonderful value for money and so hassle free.”

“We don’t compare price because price is not everything. It’s the Christian and personal relationships.”

“Excellent & Outstanding Leader … very caring, kind & knowledgeable Christian Man. Nothing was a problem.”

“Likeminded people no matter the age. All caring, supportive, and loving.”

Our tours are carefully selected and planned to allow you to make the most of your holiday.

Travellers enjoy the specifics of the tour itineraries such as those to retrace the Steps of Paul and visit the Holy Land.

“The Bible has come alive having seen where Paul travelled and preached.”

“The bible studies were excellent and helped in understanding Paul’s ministry and how God used him to spread the gospel…”

“The Holy Land was an amazing experience …. one that I will treasure forever.”

“If you are looking for a cruise with a difference, then following Paul’s footsteps with CFT is a terrific way to go!”

“Travelling with likeminded people was very good and having the Christian teaching was excellent as we visited the various places where Paul had been.”

“Travelling with like-minded people … the Bible was truly brought to life.”

“Seeing the type of country in which the bible is set was amazing. The co-coordinating of sites with the Biblical reading relevant to that part was inspiring as was the fact that we could worship & sing together in some sites.”

Most of all though, they enjoy the fellowship with their Christian companions, and the adventurous journeys that make lifetime memories!

”I feel blessed to have travelled with a group of Christians who were friendly and supportive to those of us travelling alone…”

“I had a blessed time particularly the fellowship with fellow Christians and meeting new friends.”

“I loved the fellowship and we all got along so well.

“Well organised, good company, opportunity to meet new friends and everyone was most helpful.”

“I enjoyed being a member of a “Christian family” away from home.”

“I most enjoyed the fellowship with other Christians and the care and special times we shared.”

“The friendship of other passengers and the care given from our leaders.”

“I could just enjoy each day and know it was all taken care of.”

“CFT makes tours easy and enjoyable, informative and worthwhile.

“Fantastic! Was my reply when asked about the tour.”

“The itinerary was more than I expected – not rushed.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

“It was great – as I’ve been telling my friends and colleagues.”

“The little extras were very much appreciated.”

“Devotions were uplifting & inspirational . Enjoyed the music & fellowship!”

“The sense of personal security and trust between fellow travellers.”

“Travelling with and getting to know other Christians, from a variety of backgrounds, churches, experiences, etc. Bible-based tours provide a depth of insights and feel of biblical sites. Fun and laughter, sharing and caring with others. Excellent leadership.”

“Thank you CFT once again for a great trip and many friendships formed!”

“Some experiences are very personal and it is impossible to put a price on these. The tours costs seem comparable to other similar “high-end” tours. CFT has the edge!”

“An excellent way for a single woman to travel. I’ve made some new friends and had a lot of fun and laughs.”

“Excellent value – Didn’t have to spend an extra cent if we didn’t want to! Everything was cared for and money was well spent.”