Jesus’ Love Knows No Borders

Hold onto faith

Across Australia and around the world we are facing a real challenge with this second wave of COVID-19. At the beginning of July we were feeling positive about the future as it seemed like our country had been relatively protected in the eye of the storm. Yes, we had endured tragic deaths and our economy had been battered, but compared to many countries overseas our “Ship of State” had been rocked rather than capsized. With state borders opening we were planning to start properly connecting with each other again.

In our excitement of getting back to “normal”, many people forgot the lessons of the “new normal” so the virus took hold again, forcing us to once again “batten down the hatches”. We know it is especially hard for those living in Victoria, and our hearts and prayers go out to those members of our CFT Family down south. My own brother, Darren, along with his wife, Jenni, and kids, Ben, Jessie and Emily, are still in lock down.

This second wave seems to be impacting people even harder – emotionally as well as economically – and f
or some, hope is being lost along with their jobs. Whilst it is undoubtedly tough going, I do implore you, not to lose heart, not to lose faith and not to lose hope for Jesus offers us His love and gives us hope with His gift of eternal life.

Hope has always been the ray of sunshine bringing light to the darkest day. To best come through this current storm we must remain hopeful and work together. We need to stay connected with each other, to offer understanding rather than judgement and to remember that no small act of kindness is wasted. We know that God is in control and we just need to have faith in his plan.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12
Wherever you are, and whatever your situation, remember that you are not alone. Whether you are in isolation or are simply feeling isolated please remember that God is with you. The love of Jesus knows no borders.

Jason Cronshaw

CFT Managing Director