Passenger Story

A CFT Journey of Discovery

Years ago, I had a wish list of places in Australia I would like to see, which included Western Australia and through the Centre. It became a possibility, then a reality to visit WA.

I saw an advertisement in the BCA magazine for such a trip so I applied. I had the means, the time and the health, so why not?

This way I could see the BCA places, meet the missioners and their people, the different situations, the distances and the difficulties which would enable me to pray more intelligently. At the same time one could see and experience the amazing beauty and diversity of our country plus the touristy places e.g. Broome, the mining communities, the long, long trains.

I was a novice to group travel and thought this would be my one and only. But I got hooked and 5 years later started an annual exploration. Since then I’ve been with CFT from Adelaide to Darwin, Kangaroo Island, Norfolk Island, Canberra, the Riverlands, and Outback NSW.

In 2017, I’m booked in for The Murray River Cruise and Outback Queensland. But I’ve also ventured overseas. The Steps of St Paul trip gave a great insight in Bible lands, the history and archeology as well as Galipoli in a quiet, reflective time. The Scenic River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam allowed me to see a different part of our planet, different scenery and history but also the amazing engineering, bridges, lochs and so much water on which there was so much traffic, business and commercial.

In 2016 a trip to both islands of New Zealand was on offer. My late husband and I had done a similar trip in 1999 but this time I was able to see so much more and catch up with my son and his family whom I go to see regularly in Wellington.

Throughout my travels I have made many wonderful friends and sometimes meet up with them in other places or on other trips.

All trips have been great experiences, great fellowship and certainly widened my horizons. I’ve always felt safe and cared for.

God has a sense of humour. Three ladies that I’ve shared rooms with have had connections with Narrabri, where I live (population 7000).

We have visited many church communities and worshipped together on boats, coaches, in hotel rooms, and a variety of church buildings and met many nationalities both here in Australia and overseas. Especially memorable was the service we attended in Dubai where there so many nationalities together. It was a little taste of what heaven will be like.

I am thankful to God for the opportunities He has given plus to John Cronshaw and all in the company who make it possible.

Ros Tobin