Footprints – Our Friendship List Stories

Footprints of Faith Connect with more stories via our Friendship List 1st September 2020 – Spring into “Kindfulness”(“R U OK Day?”). Spring is a season we associate with hope and new possibilities, yet we need to be mindful that ongoing isolation has already negatively impacted the mental health of many in our community. Read More 25th August […]

Faithful Forebearance

The Christian Lesson found in “Groundhog Day”   Groundhog Day (noun) – a situation in which a series of unwelcome or tedious events appear to be recurring in exactly the same way. Do you ever use the term “Groundhog Day”? With various Australian borders opening and closing it seems to be a phrase I am hearing […]

Surrendering to God’s Plan (Jason’s Story)

That’s it – I Give Up!   There mightn’t have been much travelling going on over the last months, but since the initial lock down in March I have been on my own life-changing journey. I know that I have written previously about some aspects of what CFT has been going through as a business, but I thought […]

Spring into “Kindfulness”

Reaching out for “R U OK Day?”   Spring is a season we associate with hope and new possibilities. Whilst we pray for positive news on the COVID front we need to be mindful that ongoing isolation, whether enforced by personal circumstance or state authorities, has already negatively impacted the mental health of many in our […]

Jesus’ Love Knows No Borders

Hold onto faith   Across Australia and around the world we are facing a real challenge with this second wave of COVID-19. At the beginning of July we were feeling positive about the future as it seemed like our country had been relatively protected in the eye of the storm. Yes, we had endured tragic […]

Vitamin C for the Soul

C = Caring, Christian Connection   Winter is the time when we are encouraged to get lots of Vitamin C to boost our immune system. Here at CFT we recommend our own special supplement where the C stands for Connection, something that is just as beneficial to your well being. We call it “Vitamin C for the Soul” and […]

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Putting Christ at the Centre of life’s Big Picture   What a puzzling year 2020 has been so far – figuratively and literally!! We had a new decade, one that offered such promise, get knocked off course by COVID-19 and in response to that, puzzles have been flying off the shelves. Have you joined the puzzle […]